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Alterknits Felt - $25.00
Leigh Radford. Radford pushes the boundaries of traditional felting. Through 30 colorful, vibrant projects, she shows readers how to knit and then felt their own handiwork, as well as how to create gorgeous felted objects from recycled knits and unspun fiber. An introductory chapter on felting basics explains everything you need to know to make the fabulous clothes, accessories, and home decor that follow. The projects range from a quick and easy circle coin purse, to a shibori bag, to a reverse-appliqué rug, each unusual in its own way, distinguished by a special surface texture, an innovative mix of techniques, or a quirky combination of yarns. AlterKnits Felt provides every crafter with the tools to explore—and expand—the art of felting. Hb.

The Ashford Book of Needle Felting - $26.00
Barbara Allen. Explore the potential of needle felting. Create your own adorable figures, beautiful flowers and scenes, striking jewellery and embellishments all in flat or sculpted felt. With just a little wool, a felting needle and this book you can create unique, beautiful felted works of art. If you haven’t tried needle felting, here is a book to inspire you. Barbara, a popular teacher and author, explains and illustrates all the techniques, materials and equipment needed. For each project there are step-by-step instructions and full colour photographs of each process. There are projects for beginners and skilled felters and each project builds on the knowledge gained. By the book’s end you will be experienced and confident to create your own masterpiece or try one of Barbara’s beautiful gallery pieces. The book provides all the pattern templates for the projects. 112pp. Pb.

Beginners Guide to Needle Felting - $25.00
Susanna Wallis. Demonstrates how to create pictures and three-dimensional objects using wool and simple needle felting techniques. This book teaches how to make cards, pictures, jewellery, a bird and even a figure from wool. It includes step by step photographs. 64pp. Pb.

Fabulous Felted Hand-Knits - $17.00
Jane Davis. Learn a versatile, creative technique for turning knitting into felted fabric. These 30 stylish projects to knit and felt - washing knitwear so that it shrinks and fuzzes - will expand you knitting skills. The book shows you examples of the different techniques: what happens when you use different needle sizes, differen stitches, different sides of the knitting, etc. 128pp. Pb.

Fabulous Felted Scarves - $23.00
Chad Alice Hagen and Jorie Johnson. Felting is hotter than ever, and scarves are fabulous first projects for crafters to try. The simple process yields infinitely varied results, with rich colors, forms, and visual appeal. Created by two internationally-known designers, these 20 spectacular boas, wraps, shawls, and stoles are beautiful, wearable art. Ranging from understated elegance to simply outrageous, they come with easy-to-follow instructions, helpful how-to photos, and templates, when needed. An introduction covers all the basics, and the projects build a repertoire of skills as readers progress through the book. The standouts include a scarf with lacy designs snipped onto the felt surface; a wrap inspired by the delicate hues in Monet’s water lily paintings; and a pretty dip-dye novelty yarn party scarf. 143pp. Pb.

Felt It! - $24.00
Maggie Pace. Growing numbers of knitters are throwing caution to the wind and tossing their wool creations into hot water washing machines, watching as hats, bags, and pillow covers shrink away to a fraction of their original size. The result is a soft, cozy felt, and it has tremendous allure for many knitters. From the purely practical to the wonderfully fun and frivolous, the 20 projects in Felt It! are irresistible examples of what is possible with wool, needles, and hot water. Charming, fuzzy flowers take center stage, with appearances on brooches, evening bags, bracelets, and pillows. Felted hats are the warmest toppers for the coldest days, and the appealing texture of felted wool is perfect for sturdy bags and backpacks. For the beginner, the Simple Stripes belt pattern requires just a few hours of work for a colorful felted accessory to wear with jeans. The truly adventurous felter will love the Night-Star Wrap, an elegant shawl that matches rich color with the warmth of alpaca and perfectly sets off a simple black evening dress. Author Maggie Pace explains all the basics of felting — how to choose wool, why some wools felt better than others, what size needles work best, how to shape projects, and how to monitor every second of the washing-machine process. At times, felting is an imprecise art, demanding inventiveness, creativity, and moxie from the knitter. 152pp. Pb.

Felted Knit Amigurumi - $29.00
Lisa Eberhart. Get ready for an invasion of cute! Knit and felt your own cute collection of kittens, garden of cacti or assortment of robots with these 16 adorable amigurumi designs, perfect for making and sharing. Patterns include a puppy, rag doll kitten, goldfish, albino bunny, ferret, guinea pig, cactus, topiary, robot, sock monkey, stand mixer, apple, chocolate chip cookie, orange soda, cake slice and ice cream sundae. These kawaii-inspired projects are knitted with worsted weight, 100% wool yarn and hand felted for a super-cute, solid finish. 128pp. Pb.

Felties - $17.00
Nelly Pailloux. In this book crafters and artists alike get the goods on how to make the cutest of the cute using felt and fun embellishments. With only the most basic of sewing skills, crafters can fashion their own Feltie friends with an average construction time of only 15 minutes per pattern. Each Feltie design includes a full-color photograph of the Feltie project at hand, as well as an illustrated instructional overview, pattern diagrams, and a convenient list of every item you will need to complete the project located in a handy sidebar reference section. Feltie friends can be customized with limitless embellishments and morph into such items as finger puppets, key rings, or mobile phone mascots. The fun creations include Polaroo (part bear and part kangaroo), the wise Samurai Cat, sleepy bushy-tailed Foxy, bamboo-munching Panda, Egyptian Mummy Cat, Stargazing Rabbit, Babushka, and many more. 80pp. Pb.

Fuzzy Felted Friends - $27.00
Saori Yamazaki. These felted friends hail from Japan — homeland of all things cute. Inside the book you’ll find over 25 translated patterns that combine the appeal of authentic Japanese content with the ease of English instruction. Cheerful photographs, step-by-step directions, and helpful how-to illustrations make it easy to whip up both water and needle felted projects. No knitting involved; simply treat raw wool fibers and detergent to create these little creatures. Cute and cuddly — they’re also useful. An elephant cozy warms a tea kettle; a whimsical bird mobile adorns a nursery; wee mouse pincushions hold your needles while piglets, giraffes, zebras or sheep carry all your gear in hand totes and pouches. Pb.

Heart Felt Knits - $19.00
Tamara Mello. This book offers twenty-four gorgeous knitted and felted projects. From darling nesting bowls and handcrafted trays to elegant hats, cozy wraps and chic hair accessories, each project is artfully knitted and then felted for stunning results. Step-by-step knitting instructions, easy felting techniques, helpful how-to-photographs and lavish shots of the finished projects make it a cinch to create irresistible accessories and keepsakes to last a lifetime. 156pp. Pb.

Heart-Felt Holidays: 40 Festive Felt Projects to Celebrate the Seasons - $19.00
Kathy Sheldon & Amanda Carestio. Celebrate - and craft - from the heart! The same team that brought you the top-selling "Fa la la la Felt" now offers another adorable book of fresh, easy-to-make felt decorations - this time with festive and fun holiday themes for the rest of the year. Using readily available store-bought felt sheets, crafters can have year-round enjoyment creating 40 charming projects for Valentine's Day, Easter, Halloween, Mother's Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and more. 132pp. Pb.

I Felt A Bit Funny - $20.00
Carol Rowan. Transforming a handful of unspun sheep's wool into a delightful character can be a magical and rewarding experience. To make the figures in this book all you need is a felting needle, a foam pad, pipe cleaners and wool. Whether you're a novice or seasoned felter, this book gives you over 20 characters to make in easy-to-follow, detailed step-by-step photographs and instructions. You can create dancers, sun bathers, queens, sportspeople, pirates, policemen, golfers, even a bride and groom. Each one with its own appealing comical character together with accessories. 96pp. Pb.

I Felt Awesome - $29.00
Moxie. It's OK to play with needles. This book shows you how to turn traditional needle-felting techniques into irreverent felted fun. Moxie's playful and cheeky sense of humor will needle you into taking your felting beyond traditional motifs, and decorate yourself and your home with feisty designs of wearable, playable and coffee table-worthy objects. Step-by-step instructions for 35 projects, including a felted spike bracelet, bendy and boingy toys and larger-than-life home decor featuring fruit and more. Traditional needle-felting techniques lay the groundwork for uncommon materials like magnets, plastic toy parts and bendable wires. Wool roving and felting needles are all you need to get started-helpful tips show handy shortcuts that still produce fantastic results. 144pp. Pb.

Needle Felting To The Point - $69.00
Harlan. Here is a straightforward guide to needle felting and how it works. This book is an easy to understand, detailed step by step, photo enhanced guide to needle felting for beginners and advanced felters. It teaches you the skills that are needed to create your own needle felted objects with confidence. You will learn proper needling techniques and how to make simple three dimensional shapes and flat forms. You will learn how these simple shapes and forms are the building blocks for complex projects. You will learn the importance and control of firmness, how to card and blend fibers, surface decoration, creation of hollow objects, sculpting the fiber, furring and much more! Numerous delightful projects are used to illustrate the skills necessary to let your own creativity free. Learn what you really need to know to needle felt well by following along as Harlan creates a pear, an artichoke, a sheep pin cushion, a cart, a hollow egg, a squash box, a face and a dragon. Harlan's aim is to provide you with the necessary skills to successfully make your own projects, not merely copy hers. 136pp. Pb.

Needle Felting To The Point 2: When Things Go Wrong - $69.00
Harlan. The author brings you another no nonsense and "to the point" book on needle felting. In this volume learn how to solve common problems when working with fiber, the importance of firmness and how to control it, how to effectively move fiber, what to do when you run out of a color and much more! Harlan also includes step by step instructions for making a winged mouse, frog, squirrel, gnome, ferret and fairy, as well as a woodland diorama home for all these wonderful creatures! 110pp. Pb.

Nicky Epstein's Knitting Never Felt Better - $39.00
Nicky Epstein. With her signature style, the bestselling and beloved needlework author Nicky Epstein offers the best guide to felting. Using ten chic garments and more than 150 stunning sample swatches as examples, she covers the top techniques for turning wool yarn into vibrant and dense textures. Before and after shots show how different fabrics react to the process, and there are patterns, stitches, and techniques for lace, mosaics, cables, plaids, checks, and quilting. Create bobbles, appliqués, and ruffles; combine yarns; and use clamps, marbles, cords, braids, and more to form three-dimensional shapes in the felt. Epstein also presents her unique ideas for transforming old clothes and accessories, using one sweater to demonstrate many design possibilities. An array of attractive home décor projects completes the collection beautifully. 176pp. Hb.

Nuno Felt - $43.00
Liz Clay. In this unique collection of nuno felt projects, the author inspires the reader with innovative ideas for combining beautiful woven fabrics with handmade felt. The author gives clear instructions about how the nuno process works and demonstrates how it can be used on various fabrics and fibers to create very different results. Each of these techniques is fully illustrated with detailed photographs and clear step-by-step instructions. Great mix of projects. From scarves to home décor, from surface embellishments, color mixing, fiber blending -- this books develops a rich vocabulary of design ideas and methods. Pb.

Stash Happy Felt - $21.00
Amanda Carestio. This is the cure for the common crafter's dilemma of what to do with all those scraps and leftover materials! The 30 fun projects in "Stash Happy: Felt" feature practical items (a fall-inspired tea cozy), cute accessories (a stylish retro-inspired clutch), unique home decor and holiday crafts (a felt flower bouquet) and adorable items for children (a repurposed wool bear cub hat). Everything you need is here, including illustrations, templates and helpful hints from the designers. 128pp. Pb.

Uniquely Felt - $39.00
Christine White. The author, a professional teacher and feltmaker, gathers her considerable knowledge of the craft to write the comprehensive guide to all things felt. She describes the equipment, explores concepts and theories of felting, and thoroughly covers all felting techniques, including traditional, needle, three-dimensional seamless, nuno, cobweb, carved, and Beede ball. And then there are the projects — handsome, indestructible bags; nuno shawls that marry soft wool fibers and wispy silks; bright picnic blankets and plush bath mats; lacy curtains made with impossibly sheer cobweb felt. Every project is striking in its fabulous depth of color and purity of form. There are no stitches, no seams, and no signs of woven cloth — just a wonderful, flowing piece of textile art.The process always begins the same way, but the fibers make the felting journey unique every time. This book is the ultimate guide to that magical adventure. Pb.